Tattoos, Pain, And Incurable Illness

When you live with chronic pain, choosing when and where to experience pain can be a gift, and an act of control.


Locatora Radio // Capítulo 046: Disabled y Latina

After an unplanned month-long hiatus (así es la vida), las Locatoras are back with updates, chisme, and discuss disability justice, mobility aids, and ableism with Andrea Lausell, a proud cubarican, writer, and content creator.


NEWSRADIO WINA: Conversation with Wendy

What to Expect When You're Not Expecting: A Conversation with Wendy

Peggy Law, founder of Service Dogs of Virginia and Andrea Lausell join Wendy Edwards and her guest host to talk about Spina Bifida.


Faces of Spina Bifida Magazine

Top 3 Girl Crushes You Must Follow Today #WCW

Three of our favorite SB social influencers are tireless women who make the world a little smarter, kinder, and accessible for people 'differently abled.' Tatiana, Andrea, and Laurita are intelligent, passionate, and proudly enthusiastic about living an active engaged life.


People Are Sharing Their Photos to Teach Others What Invisible Disabilities Really Look Like

There’s no way to “tell” that someone has a disability, and many disabilities are completely invisible — however, based on the number of times people with invisible disabilities experience judgment and skepticism, not enough people realize this.


No answers: YouTube blocks LGBT content

A massive part of YouTube’s community has centered around the queer experience, it being the base of the “It Gets Better Project” and gay vloggers like Tyler Oakley or Hannah Hart who have become synonymous with the YouTube brand. So it would follow that YouTube would do its utmost to preserve, protect, and even promote queer content, right?